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The Bagnet - Review

The Bagnet

Finally there is something you can use in a pinch to keep your purse off the ground or secure.

You know when you need to keep your purse or any kind of bag off the floor? Or particularly that moment you are in a restroom and realize there is no hook on the door? Who designs these bathrooms and doesn’t always make sure there is a hook on the door for a purse?

The Bagnet has a very strong magnet in pretty leather that attaches to metal. With the carabiner you attach easily to the bag inside or out and let the Bagnet do its thing. It holds 8 to 10 lbs.

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It comes in luxury leather or vinyl. There are great colors and designs. The hardware comes in brass or nickel. They also now have Bagnet kids and they’re perfect for backpacks or toys. You can keep your purse or bag off of the floor wherever metal happens to be, so a table, certain chairs and more.

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I have mine in red leather and the color stands out beautifully in my purse. I got one in pink leather for my daughter. It was beautifully made and her favorite color. Don’t leave home without it.

Great product and perfect for that special gift!

Range from $17.99 to $29.99.

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