• Megan Kircher

Tidal Coffee - At The Monterey Plaza Hotel

My daughter and I were staying at The Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, California and found Tidal Coffee. This used to be called Cafe La Strada, which was good, but is even better now!

Tidal Coffee is located on the Monterey Plaza Hotel property. We love to get coffee and decided to try a Mocha. Wow! It was delicious! The flavors are just right and the is espresso very smooth.

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Their coffees are artisanally designed. Their pastries are beautifully displayed and the choices are plenty...along with being yummy. Even my daughter had a Mocha and she is very particular about her drinks. We enjoyed going to Tidal Coffee each morning and drinking our Mocha or Coke, along with a delicious pastry.

Now, for the best part...a spectacular view of Monterey Bay!

Who could ask for more? Well, maybe one every day...that’s what I’d ask for.

Tidal Coffee is truly a great place!

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