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Fairytale - Danielle Steel - Book Review

Fairytale Danielle Steele

Can we say Cinderella in modern day times? Well, let it begin.

Our main character Camile born in Napa Valley, to two loving parents, will soon be that parallel . After growing up and loving the vineyards and her parents and all that is given to her, tragedy strikes and takes her mother Joy and now her life is changed and not for the good. Her father Christophe, a relatively young, haandsome, and very wealthy vineyard and chateau owner from Bordeaux is seduced. After two decades being married and now a widower only six months after Jouy’s death, enter a Frenchwoman, Countess de Patin, who wants wealth at all costs, seduces him. When Camile realizes what is happening to her father and what will happen, it’s too late. Within weeks of her father falling into the trap , he intends to marry the Countess, who isn’t truthful about her life but her seductive ways clouds all of Christople senses.

When tragedy strikes again, Camille is at her evil stepmother’s mercy. Enter her two evil step brothers who arrive and Camille knows she will have to fight for her legacy. With the help of the Countess’s elderly, kind and caring (fairy godmother ) mother, and a childhood friend, Camille’s Prince Charming, the story takes a turn and now we have a truly a modern day Fairytale

This is a page turner from start to finish and will always be one of my favorite stories. Danielle Steele never disappoints.

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