• Megan Kircher

The California Wild Fires

We have had so many disasters in the last few months and now with the California wild fires it has hit home.

Having lived in Northern California for many years and learning of a home we use to own was totally lost we thank God for what we have. We have a daughter and her family living in Sebastopol and each day she updates me on the devastation all around them. We have been blessed that so far they are safe. All of this makes you pause and think you just never know how your world could be rocked to its core. Thank you to all the first responders, military, doctors, nurses and just the average person who has helped in so many different ways. Anyone who was there to help in whatever way shows how the American people come together to help one other in so many ways. So, remember and never forget we are even in times of disaster the greatest country in the world and each day be grateful for what we have.

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