• Megan Kircher

Rago Brothers - Luxury Recommendation

I am extremely happy with Rago Brothers: I had to send my authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 35 to them to have the correct the zipper that needed replacing. Rago Brothers is the recommended repair service of luxury shoe and handbag designers. In a previous post, I mentioned my experience with Louis Vuitton customer service, and this Speedu had to be sent multiple times to have things fixed directly by Louis Vuitton. After I was told by Louis Vuitton that they couldn't fix my zipper, I had to find another option.

My Louis Vuitton was serviced twice from Rago Brothers. When they worked on my purse the first time, they originally sent it back with only a single zip. This particular bag, has a double zip with lock. I spoke with Hannah Schleer at Rago Brothers directly snd I can't say enough about her customer service. She had me resend the bag to Rago Brothers, and I received it back within a week and half with the correct zipper and new LV zipper pulls! They stood by their work with no charge to me and my bag looks brand new.

I can't recommend Rago Brothers highly enough. They offer a quality of workmanship like no other. Their customer service is impeccable from start to finish. They have been around since 1911, as a family run business, and I wish them continued success. My many thanks to Hannah.

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