• Megan Kircher

Authentic Sarongs from Maui!

I cannot rave enough about my beautiful sarongs that I got in our incredible trip to Maui last year! I just love them. I wore them everyday in Maui and wear them now by the pool, and even after day after my morning shower while I dry my hair and do my makeup.

A Sarong is a versatile piece of beautiful fabric from the Hawaiian islands that can be used in so many different ways. I have been wearing mine for almost a year and I am so glad I purchased so many in different colors and patterns.

It is the perfect wrap after a refreshing shower or soaking in the tub. There are so many ways to wrap the sarong and several videos to show you how. They are lightweight and flattering on very figure and at any age.

Are you not quite sure what to wear in Maui? Well, honestly you could have a few sarongs and be set. Get ready for the islands by bringing what you have or pick up several to bring home. We got ours at the ABC Stores throughout the island of Maui. Best of all they are only $9.99, wash up beautifully and my daughter let me know you can even order them online now!

They are so easy to pack, wear on the plane, the pool, the beach or a cruise. You can use it to put on the sand, or beach chair, as table cloth or as a great coverup. You can never have too many of these and it will always remind you of where you have been. Very reasonable and the colors are vibrant and beautiful!

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