• Megan Kircher

Amazon Prime - Free Shipping, Kindle Unlimited and More!

I love Amazon Prime. I have had it ever since it first came out. Amazon Prime gives you access to Amazon Prime's Free Two Day Shipping, Thousands of Movies and TV Shows with Prime Video, Kindle Prime Unlimited for Access To Millions of Free Books, Magazines, Music and More! The best part is it is only around $10 - $11 per month! You just can't beat that. I am an avid reader, so I use my Kindle with Prime Unlimited literally everyday. I have also recently been watching a lot of Prime TV shows. You can access Amazon originals, or even try free Trials of Starz, HBO and more! There are just so many options with Amazon Prime and you can't beat the price! So buy the gift of Amazon Prime for someone else, or better yet, treat yourself!

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