• Megan Kircher

The Best and Softest Makeup Brush Ever

This is the best and softest makeup brush ever! Best of all, it is only $2.97 with Free Shipping on Amazon! Just click the photo above to be taken to Amazon to purchase it. It is a pink and white, cosmetic tool for makeup with very soft brush, plastic handle with tiny crystals. It has the softest, fluffy head/brush which is incredible for applying bronzer or blush and for touch-ups throughout the day. It is small, but fits nicely in your hand. It gives a perfect finish to your makeup routine. The shipping can take awhile, but it is worth the wait, after all it is only $2.97! To clean it, I just apply a little dish or hand soap and warm water, wrap in a washcloth and then leave it on the sink overnight to dry. For all of the high-end brushes, I have tried, this brush is so pretty and works just as great!

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