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Diegos: Authentic Handmade Espadrilles Directly From Spain


Authentic Handmade Espadrilles From Spain

Black Leather and Pony Hair


Diegos, Authentic Espadrilles have been handcrafted in southern France and northern Spain since the 13th century. Diego's family is one of the last villages in Spain where their craft in is in the centennial tradition.

Jose Luis, the last traditional rope maker, has old spinning machines of the 1930's that bring strands of recycled fibers and jute thread into a braid and used by sole makers. The sole is made by Vincente who has great knowledge of the espadrilles craftsmanship. He cuts the braid using his hand operated turntable, then stitches the sole together using sisal thread to prevent unraveling . Early on the soles were only made of rope.

Since the 40's a layer of natural rubber was added for durability. Now comes the canvas. It is manufactured along the Mediterranean coast of Spain for the beauty of its weaving. The master tailor is "el Mateo". Different cutters are used for cotton, leather or silk. True magic happens through the skilled hands of seamstresses of the village through generations .

Best of all, this is all done by hand. Absolutely exquisite! I have canvas leather in black and pony hair. The quality is exceptional. There are a little tight at first but loosen quickly. I love the idea that the tradition is perfection and that it is all handed down from generation to generation. I also love that I can have a quality product coming directly from the source.

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They offer men's women's children and accessories. The price is reasonable for such great quality. They only accept Visa and MasterCard; and regarding returns, they offer only exchanges. They do have a good sizing chart.

I could have them in all colors and love the leather, as it is so soft and vibrant. I highly recommend Diegos, Authentic Espadrilles Handmade Directly From Spain!

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