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Emergency Bag

Emergency Bag

An Emergency Bag or Bug out bag is something that every household needs in case of an emergency. Keep a small one in each car and a larger one in your house that you can easily get to in a rush. Most importantly, have a plan of communication with your loved ones.

Emergency Bag Essentials


Make a personal emergency kit. You can pick one up at Target and fill it with what you would personally use or create your own big or small.


Bandaids, small scissors, thermometer , Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl/antihistamine, cough syrup, cough drops, ice pack, just to name a few. Include any medicine you use (keep a list).

Baby or Child Kit:

Diapers, wipes, any medicine they use (keep a list), extra change of clothes, shoes/socks PJs, blanket, pillow (travel pillows), book, favorite toy or game, paper, pencil, crayons, snacks, juice, water and food. This can be kept in the car or easily gotten to at home. If you use something in it, make sure you replace it.

Emergency Bug Out Bag

An emergency bag should be packed for each person in the household. This can be a backpack that each one carries, or rolls, or is comfortable enough for parent to carry if a child can not. Again decide if it is for one day or more.

Essentials First:

Toiletry products for each person (hotel size are great), change of clothes; depending on the time of year (rotate). Water is essential. Flashlight, batteries, glow sticks, toilet paper, wipes, sleeping bag, food, cash.

These are just a few suggestions and can be stored easily and quickly reached in an emergency.

There are several websites you can download lists from and purchase emergency food.

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit Checklist

Emergency Food

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