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The Top Three Lavender Products You Need

Lavender is one of my favorite products. High-quality lavender can be used on your skin, body, cleaning and so much more. I have included my top three products for a lavender aficianado.

Pelindaba Lavender was found on a trip to Seattle a few years ago; and since finding this incredible product brand, I keep finding more things I love that they offer. Their lavender is grown on the islands West of Seattle and their Therapeutic Salve is absolutely incredible. I also showcase the pros and cons of their Insect Repellent Trader Joe's also offers a Lavender Bar Soap From France. If you love lavender, these are The Top Three Lavender Products You Need!

Lavender Therapeutic Salve/ Pelindaba: All Local and Organic

Pros: This is a great product to always have on hand and even in your purse or car. It is anti-inflammatory, steroid free, great on skin allergies and overexposure to sun. It is fantastic for cracked heels or hands. A little goes a long way. Want to know one of the best tricks I accidentally found? In a pinch if finger nail polish is on skin, massage onto skin, polish on skin comes right off! Pure lavender and other oils are in a creamy and non-greasy shea butter base.

Cons: Pelindaba needs to offer a larger size but a little goes a long way

Price: $19.00

1.8 fl oz

#2 Pelindaba Lavender Insect Repellent

Pros : It is in a spray bottle. This great smelling product is safe and gentle, with zero harmful chemicals, petroleum and no deet! It is organic lavender oil and hydrosol, that's it. It has a true fresh lavender smell and again a little goes a long way. Best of all, it really works to keep mosquitoes away! Buy two and keep one for your purse. I highly recommend Pelindaba Lavender as it is local and organic.

Cons: None


$9.00 2.5 fl oz

$18.00 8 fl oz

#3 Trader Joe's Lavender Soap From France

Pros: I use this everyday in the shower. It has a great smell and a lot of lavender buds so it really has a light loofa feel. It is natural anti-bacterial. It lathers slightly, is non drying and moisturizing.

Price: $3.95 bar

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